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Photography is an art and good photographers are great artists. In photography there is art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light. Movie Zone is the leading company with a lot of satisfied clients all across Kottayam for different sorts of photography work. With more than a decade of experience and committed hundreds of work, Movie Zone is popular as the best photographers in Kottayam for wedding and other functions.

What Makes a Photograph Good?

An image must contain a variety of components in order to be deemed "excellent" in photography. Lighting, the rule of thirds, lines, forms, texture, patterns, and colour are just a few of these elements. The importance of each of these factors can't be overstated when discussing photography. Lighting is among the most crucial of these components. One of a photograph's most crucial components is lighting. The image you are aiming to capture will automatically be bad if you take a photo in poor lighting. Lighting can be done in a variety of ways. Sunlight is an example of natural lighting, which one might also use (softbox, ring light, umbrella, flash, model light, etc.). When taking a picture, one must also adjust the camera's settings so that light will pass through the lens and adjust the image's brightness or contrast as needed. With best quality services, Movie Zone is offering best wedding photography in Kottayam.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a crucial tool for creating good photographs. Photographers use the rule of thirds as a general rule of thumb to determine where to position the subject in the frame. In order to improve the image's appeal to the eye, make it more compelling, and draw the viewer in, the rule of thirds is also used. This rule can be applied either horizontally or vertically, depending on the photograph.


Lines are another aspect that photographers utilise to enhance the visual appeal of their work. Although lines may not seem very useful or significant, they significantly improve the composition of an image. They have two functions in a picture as well. This serves to draw the viewer's eye around the image while also retaining their interest. Expert photographers of Movie Zone is the leading company to offer candid photography in Kottayam.


Shapes are another element that photographers use to improve an image. The majority of images contain one or more shapes, but those in which the photographer has used those shapes in interesting and distinctive ways stand out and improve already excellent images. Much like lines, forms can assist attract the viewer’s eye.


The use of texture is another factor in "excellent" photography. The surface of an object with a texture has depth, patterns, shapes, and colours. Details play a big role in capturing texture in an image. The shot appears more realistic if the photographer gets all the little details. Our expert team is dedicated in the work and will give you good results. This has made us to become the best wedding studio in Kottayam.


In order to improve the composition, photographers sometimes add patterns to their images. The recurrence of colours, shapes, and objects is what makes a pattern. The secret to having a good composition in a photograph is to use a pattern. A photograph is made more interesting by patterns. In order to capture the viewer's interest and maintain it, photographers often add patterns to their photos.


Another element of "great" photography is the use of texture. The surface of an object having a texture contains depth, patterns, shapes, and colours. The ability to capture texture in an image depends heavily on details. If the photographer captures every last detail, the image appears more lifelike. Photographers occasionally add patterns to their pictures to enhance composition. A pattern is created by repeated occurrences of colours, forms, and objects. Using a pattern is the key to establishing a strong composition in a photograph. Movie Zone is the best photographers in Kottayam to deliver best photos and videos of your events. The use of patterns can add interest to a photograph. Photographers frequently include patterns in their images to draw in and hold the viewer's attention.

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